Discombobulation Process of Soulja Boy

I usually don’t comment on celebrity news, or anything that has to do with Soulja Boy, but today I’m compelled to speak out. Soulja Boy’s behavior has always been somewhat of a mystery to me, but recently his unusual behavior has topped the blogging cake.  Soulja Boy has been on blogs recently dissing Chris Brown on social media accusing him of being under the influence of coke, and trying to chill with gang members amongst other silly things.  By the looks of it, Soulja you may not be in the right state of mind yourself.

Tanisha Nicole, aka SashaLamore O.Y.E Magazine 2011

My relationship with DeAndre Cortez Way (aka Soulja Boy) started a few years back. At the time my husband and I were separated, I was pursuing a modeling career, and just started a new career as a teacher.

On Facebook, one day I liked and commented  a few photos Soulja Boy had posted of his tattoos.  Prior to this, I wasn’t a fan. I heard a few of his songs on the radio, but AM NOT and never have been a groupie. Shortly after I sent my comments he sent me a DM commenting on my photos. I replied by DM’ing him my number and told him to give me a call. I didn’t expect for him to call me, but he texted me about a day later. We began to communicate regulalry via text message, video chat, and over the phone. We talked almost every day and for a long time didn’t go more than 2 or 3 days without speaking to one another. At the time, I considered him a friend.

Soulja Boy had a number 1 hit album at age 16, but has never since seen that same level of success, which troubles him a lot.

Soulja Boy

Quite often when we talked he slammed other artists whom he worked with, and new artists telling me that they stole his swag and never gave him credit.  He was tired of the fame and talked about hiring a body double, claiming that many artists and entertainers in the industry hire body doubles. He named a few artists like Lil Wayne and others, whom had hired body doubles to preform, meet fans and sign autographs. He shared a lot of personal things about his life with me. Things that I would probably never share with anyone.

When I got to know him better he acted like a business savvy mentor who cared about my success as a model. Other times he acted like a immature, spoiled rich kid that would throw a tantrum if you told him no.

After a few months of talking he asked me to wire him some money, and I agreed. It was just a couple hundred dollars, but I did it. Second time, came a few weeks later when he asked me to pay his phone bill to Metro PCS. He told me that he was in tax debt, claiming that his accounts were frozen.

Tanisha Nicole aka Sasha Lamore, by Mark D 2011

Once, over the phone, he asked me to marry him.  He said that he could arrange the whole thing. Expressing that he needed someone he could trust and that wasn’t out to get him.  I reminded him that we had never “officially” met and that I did have two children, but he said he didn’t care. The rational part of me knew better, but the wild side of me did consider it.  Who knows if he was being serious at the time.  I just kind of brushed it off.

Our friendship ended with a huge argument over a cell phone bill.  I paid his phone bill with my credit card over the phone on three way we hung up and later that day i called him. When I called, some chick answered his phone phone demanding to know who I was.  It was kind of hilarious and eventually I hung up and she called me back cursing me out still demanding who I was and why I was calling her man. So, I just called my credit card company and cancelled the last transaction on my card.

Sadly, my “friendship” with DeAndre ended after the phone bill incident.  He was mad when he found out that I cancelled the payment and threatened to expose me to my husband and post the pictures that I sent him via personal text on his social networks.  I reminded him that I had a few personal pictures of him that he didn’t want me to post that social media would be way more interested in seeing.

My husband eventually found text messages and images on my computer that we sent each other. This caused some tension between my husband and I so I just never spoke about it.  My husband and I have since reconciled, I changed my phone number and at one point stopped communicating on social networks for awhile. Now, I am happily married, so I don’t benefit anything by telling this story. In my new book “A Prostitute’s Guide to Success” I credit DeAndre aka Soulja Boy for at times being a good friend and helping me focus on my dreams.

The beef between him and Chris Brown may be entertaining to some, and knowing DeAndre he’s just doing this for entertainment.  Because I know DeAndre, more than Soulja Boy I see past the humor of it all.

DeAndre, if you read this know that the media loves a train reck, and your actions may have some serious consequences.  Please get the help you need before it is too late.


Article by Tanisha Nicole Billops author of, “A Prostitutes Guide to Success,” Twitter @TanishaBillops




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