New Year New You

New Year New You

When my alarm rang on my phone it was 6:00am. I hit the snooze button like 3 times before my husband woke me up by snatching the warm covers off my body. I felt frozen. “Get up!” Hubby said sounding irritated.

It was still dark outside. I heard slight pitter-pattering on the rooftop. Was it Santa? Hell no, but it was sure enough rain! I immediately started to regret my decision to choose TODAY of all days to start going back to the gym.

Luckily, I set my gym clothes out the night before. Setting gym clothes out the night before working out is a game changer, especially if you choose to workout in the early morning. I can’t recall how many times in the past having to turn on the lights and rummage through dresser drawers and hampers to look for gym clothes before giving up completely, laying down and falling back to sleep. Seeing my running shoes, gym towel, and leggings all there motivates me to get up.

But it was cold and rainy out. I reminded myself that I made a promise start today, whether I like it or not. After I got dressed, I made sure I had all my must have items; keys, phone earphones, towel, purse, water bottle…check!

I let my car heater warm up before taking off. The gym is about a 5-mile drive from my house. I parked in the gym lot and sat in the car for about 5 minutes before gaining the momentum to walk out in the cold, wet, rain once again and start my work out. I walked into the gym and it wasn’t all that bad.


I wore a waste trainer during my workout. Not sure if they work, but I’m going to use it through the month and track the results.

There were a few people scattered amongst the cardio machines and weights. It was much warmer inside, but I was still kind of tired. I decided to start on the stair stepper for 25 minutes and half way through had a burst of energy.   Next, the treadmill for 20 minutes rotating between walking at a speed of 4.0 and jogging at 5.2 with an incline of 3.5. Then finally, for a cool down on the Elliptical for 15 minutes. Tomorrow, I’ll do only 30 minutes of cardio focusing more on weights and lower body. On day three cardio, day 4 upper body and day 5 cardio once again.

I would love to hear about your workout goals, or other things you are doing to bring in the New Year in a healthier way.

Please LIKE this post, when you do it gives me motivation to keep posting. Tune in Friday where I will give you progress on my new journey to eliminating sugar and processed food from my diet.

Until next time my Sweets!

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