The Secret to the Life of Your Dreams

In my book, “A Prostitute’s Guide to Success,” I talk about how I discovered “The Secret” years ago when I was going through some hard times, and how this documentary changed my outlook on life when I felt like I had hit rock bottom. If you have never seen or heard about The Secret, View the first 20 minutes of the movie HERE.

Just a few days ago Kevin & Matt from The Mind-Body Training Company emailed me a report explaining the “3 common pitfalls” left out of the hit movie ‘the Secret’ … and how you can overcome them to live the life of joyful fullfillment and spectacular success you were destined to live!


Wherever you are at in your life, you need to read this report …If you’ve seen “The Secret” and inwardly sense you’re missing something to make it work, you need to read this report. Or, maybe you’re doing pretty well already and
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Hope you enjoy it!

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Does “The Secret” Really Work?
You’ve heard of “The Secret,” right? Well just in case you haven’t seen it, the movie claims to reveal “The Secret” to manifesting whatever you want in life – more money, your ideal relationship, perfect health. Quite a claim, huh?
It’s no surprise that “The Secret” has become so popular so fast. For many of us it’s getting pretty old hat, especially where I live, in Boulder, Colorado, which is home to lots of this type of stuff!

What I would like to do here is to talk about the key insight offered to us “The Secret” and also discuss how the way it is presented has three main pitfalls which lead people to conclude: “Oh that doesn’t work!” We’ll then discuss how to overcome those shortcomings so you really can live the life you are MEANT to live! Does that sound good? Well, let’s get started!

I was talking to a client a few weeks ago about “The Secret” and her comment was precisely that, “Oh, ‘The Secret’, that’s old news. It’s been disproved anyway, you know.” Knowing that she is in a place where her life is not going the way she would like it to go and knowing that she has tried much of what is presented in “The Secret”, I understood her position.

“The Secret” begins with the idea that there is a secret knowledge that the great minds throughout human history have known and used to create their great achievements. The list of those who knew The Secret is impressive. It includes such figures as Lincoln, Emerson, Edison, and Einstein. The premise is that if we also had this knowledge, we could create great things as well.
So “The Secret” is old news, very old. If it is new to us, it is simply because it has been kept hidden, like a treasure only for those worthy of it. According to the producers of “The Secret”, this knowledge was “banned” and is now revealed again—to us, now. Whatever the case in those regards–a lot of marketing hype as far as I’m concerned (but very effective at that)–what does “The Secret” tell us?

First off, The Secret tells us that we are responsible for our experience. Our lives are the way that they are because of choices we make, intentions that we hold, thoughts and feelings that we entertain, and actions we take. I’d call that a good start. That’s what we talk about in my new program in terms of taking charge of our meaning contexts. No great secret, but a good start. As Oprah Winfrey said of The Secret, “I didn’t know that was a secret. I just thought that that is the way life is.”

If that is the way life is, then what has been “disproved” about “The Secret?” Well, “The Secret” goes on to discuss the POWER OF INTENTION and THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. The basic theory goes like this: if you want something, you put out your intention to have it, then, you visualize and feel it as if it is something you already have. You follow this up with appropriate action to make it real. When you do this, you attract that thing into your life.
Has “The Secret” Worked For You?

My client had tried this approach. She had visualized what she wanted, she had maintained a positive attitude about it, she had welcomed it coming to her and had taken actions in that direction. She focused on feeling the reality of it now—and it still hadn’t appeared. Not for months, not for years. In other
words, that theory didn’t work. She tried it, again and again, and it didn’t work. Others she knew had tried it and it didn’t work for them either.
Has it worked for you? If not, do you know why? It may have worked for Oprah Winfrey and all those others down through history, but either they knew something else about “The Secret” that we don’t, or else, what they were doing was something different.

As I watched “The Secret” myself and mulled it over, three points came to my mind. I think that “The Secret” as presented is misleading or ineffective for these three reasons. These three points are fully addressed and incorporated into what makes my new program so effective. For now, let’s discuss the first untold manifesting secret for living the life you are meant to live…

Untold Manifesting Secret #1:
Why Infinite Possibilities Are Practically Ineffective
“The Secret” talks about “Infinite Possibilities.” The Secret tells us: “You can have, do, or be anything you want.” In other words, anything is possible if you put your mind to it. You just need to open your mind and visualize and feel what you desire to have. If you do that consistently and act accordingly, it will come to you.

The idea of infinite possibilities may be appealing and it may help to open your mind when you are stuck in your limitations. To that extent, it is helpful. However, the concept of “infinite possibilities” is not helpful in terms of taking the right action. What is helpful is to know the best possibility for you right now.

Not limitless ones, but the right one. That’s what you need to know. You can focus and take action on that.

Infinite possibilities are overwhelming and meaningless when it comes to taking action. You want to know exactly what to do in the context of your life here and now. Not anything at all, but something in particular, what is right for you—what I call your “own-most” (what is most essentially yours to do here) possibility at this moment.

For instance, it is not one of my own-most possibilities here and now to be either a virtuoso guitar player or an NBA basketball star. I’ve had aspirations, I’ve put energy into being good at both of these things during my life and these weren’t in my cards. They weren’t the right path for me. They are in the scope of infinite possibility, but not in the scope of what is mine to do here.
I have a program called “The Power Of Practice” where I talk about the keys to discerning your “own-most” possibilities. You will learn how to access your Master Power and use this internal navigation system to realize health, happiness, and the life you are meant to live. So what is your “Master Power”? To find out what this “Master Power” is and how to fully develop it, be sure to visit my web site here:
For now, let’s discuss Untold Manifesting Secret #2…

Untold Manifesting Secret #2:
How Subconscious Interference Subverts
You can’t take action in infinite directions at once. You can take appropriate action in one direction. The key is to know the right direction for you here and now.

The Power Of Intention
The second main point of “The Secret” is The Power of Intention. According to “The Secret”, you can attract what you want by putting out your conscious intention to have it.

The first problem with this is that much of the process of attraction takes place subconsciously. In other words, I draw things to me without consciously intending them. Second, my subconscious “intentions” interfere with my conscious ones. No matter how good my skill at visualization, feeling, and intention, if I have a subconscious program running counter to my conscious intention, there will be interference and conflict.

For instance, if I consciously set my intention on becoming wealthy, but at the same time, I have a subconscious program that says, “Wealth is bad. Money is the root of evil. Rich people are selfish” and the like, there is part of me that will insure that I do not have wealth. That part of me will find some way to sabotage my wealth, because one of my values is to be a good person and to do good things and I have an idea that wealth runs counter to that.
To address subconscious programming means more than just stamping a conscious intention onto the surface. More is required than thinking good thoughts, having positive feelings, and taking positive actions. These are all good things and are integral to the process of manifestation.
However, your subconscious programs must be brought to awareness and the energy that is held in those patterns must be released, before conscious intentions can be effectively laid down.

That’s exactly what I teach you how to do in “The Power of Practice”. You will learn a simple three-step process called “The 3Rs” to release from limiting thoughts and beliefs so that your being aligns with your ideal life. To find out more about the 3Rs technique, be sure to visit my web site:
For now, let’s continue with your third untold manifesting secret…

Untold Manifesting Secret #3: Why You Don’t Get What You Want By Focusing On What You Want!
The final key insight offered by “The Secret” is The Law of Attraction: like attracts like. You can have, do, or be anything you want by attracting it into your life. We talked about why “anything” or infinite possibilities are practically ineffective. You want to know the right thing for you to do here and now.
The final point with reference to “The Secret” is this: the law of attraction is based upon “being” versus “having.” As a good old book once said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33) The kingdom of heaven is a state of being, a state of consciousness. The key is focus on your state of consciousness. That is where your treasure is. That is how you become healthy, happy, and fulfilled. The “things” of life come as a result of your state of being.
Throughout “The Secret” great emphasis is placed on material things and external results one might want to have: a new car, a new house, a new job, and so on. People are encouraged to visualize the stuff they want, to get a clear vision.
Your being attracts your life. Even to cut out pictures, to feel it as real right now, and to aim for their ideal circumstances so as to attract them.
The problem with this lies in “wanting.” Wanting material goods puts the focus on what I do not have now. Though the instruction is to visualize and feel what you want as a present reality, you are doing that for something that you want because you don’t have it. That something is outside you, you currently do not have it, and you want it in order to experience the life that you desire.
The whole notion is based upon lack, desire, and seeking outside yourself. The underlying experience is: “I want something that I do not have.” Your subconscious mind knows this even while your conscious mind is busy setting positive intentions.
According to “The Secret”, your subconscious does not recognize the difference between visualization and being. Really? The conscious mind may be experiencing that thing as a present reality, but the subconscious knows the game—I want that because I don’t have it. On the level of “being” I am in a state of wanting.
Because the subconscious knows that you are seeking outside yourself to get something that you lack, it will run its programs accordingly—for scarcity, want, and lack and the competing programs against wealth, etc. The amount of interference in this process is huge. Hence, the process is doomed to failure. The Law of Attraction itself is not flawed, it is how it is presented in the Secret that is misleading.
The Law of Attraction is based on being, not having. It states that like attracts like. It is an energetic idea. When something vibrates at a certain frequency, it attracts a like frequency.
For instance, if you want to experience love, then, you bring love into your being, you think loving thoughts, feel loving feelings, and take loving actions. When you find love in yourself, you experience love. This is an internal experience that also becomes mirrored in the outer world. Your internal state of being attracts frequencies in your environment that resonate with you. When you live from a state of interior wholeness, abundance, and gratitude you experience that in your environment.
This is what we focus on in my new program, your internal context, your fundamental energetic orientation; it is this that attracts your life. This is more than what you think or feel or even how you act (though all these are essential), it is who you are that attracts your life. When you become aware of who you are and live from that sense of your own-most possibilities, your life unfolds with perfect integrity.
The Power of Practice program gives you detailed instructions for accessing the essence of who you are and for shifting into powerful states of peace, connection, and joy. To find our more about the program and how this process works, be sure to visit
For now, let’s continue by discussing the problem with results and what to do about it…
The Problem With Results
Our culture as a whole misses the boat when it comes to the Law of Attraction on the essential or energetic level. Because of that, many personal development programs and even the dominant thrust of our entire culture is inherently set up for frustration.
Material goods that we do not have are a strong driving force. Advertising tells us that these things will give us a happier, healthier, more satisfying experience, so we want these things in abundance. Not only do we want what we need to survive and thrive, we want more and more to be safe and secure. That’s a simple logical dynamic. We carry this dynamic of excessive wanting beyond material goods into all areas of life.
If it’s not more material goods that we seek, it’s RESULTS. We want to lose weight, we want to earn more money, we want to win an award or a championship, and we want to achieve this or that. Of course we do. What’s wrong with that? Isn’t that what life is about?
Let’s go through a couple examples to analyze where focusing on results can lead. Since I love sports and basketball in particular, I will use a couple examples from this great game. The first has to do with my home-town NBA team, the Denver Nuggets.
The Nuggets have some great talent. They should: they have one of the highest payrolls in the league. They have some great personalities, some exciting players, and they are my home team. I love to watch them. I say that, but, is it true? My wife would question that. “Why do you watch them if they make you so upset?” is an on-target comment that she said to me recently. This was followed by, “Maybe you shouldn’t watch them anymore.”
If I love basketball and I love the Nuggets team, how come I experience so much frustration when I watch them? I sit down, presumably for enjoyment and I end up yelling at the TV for a couple hours, then I’m in a bad mood the rest of the night. (Actually, I’d probably have to go meditate. Then, I’d be in a good mood again ☺).
So what’s my problem there? My problem is that I have been completely obsessed with results. They have so much talent and make so many great plays that I could enjoy. Yet, if they lose, I don’t enjoy the game. It’s basketball, a sport that I love. Yet if they don’t achieve the result of winning I do not enjoy it. Sometimes it gets so bad that I can’t even watch the games themselves, I just look for the score afterwards online. I miss the enjoyment of the game itself because I am so set on a winning result.
I have often done the same thing with my older son’s basketball games. I can ruin the whole experience by worrying if he is going to get enough playing time, or score enough points, or if they are going to win the game or not. Of course, this is amplified by another result that I am set on: if he is going to get a basketball scholarship to college or not, something that I know he passionately wants. Because I’ve been so focused on those results, too many times I have missed enjoying the games.
It is the experience within the activity itself that makes something worth doing. How often do we miss the inner experience in our results-oriented society? We measure and judge ourselves and others for the results and the things that we have. If we don’t have these we feel inadequate, insecure, and afraid for our future.
Not only do we miss the enjoyment of activities because we are obsessed with results, but often we do not even get involved in what we love to do for fear of a bad result. How often have you stopped yourself from doing something for fear of failure? In a game like basketball, players will often pass up open shots for
When we are over-focused on the results we want, we miss the enjoyment of the activity itself.
fear of missing. At least they are in the game playing (that’s a good start), but they are missing the fullest experience.
Have there been times in your life when you didn’t even take the first steps into what you love because you thought you might not be good at it? Are there things that you love to do, but you aren’t doing them? Why is that? Are you afraid of failing?
Another negative effect of this focus on material goods and results is this: we will tend to do anything that it takes to get those things that we want. We even look upon this as an admirable quality—to do whatever it takes. If we want money, we will do jobs that we hate or hurt others to get it. When we are overly attached to getting certain things, we rationalize that, “the end justifies the means.” We’re not going to let anything or anyone get in our way. Even if it means violence—or even war! War is the ultimate example of the absurdity of the end justifying the means. War harms everyone concerned.

I always question if an end justifies a means. Does 40-60 hours a week at a job that you hate justify the money that you make? Do you have any time or energy left to enjoy your money? Or do you spend your weekend recovering only to do it again? Even worse, do you spend your weekend getting caught up on your work?
What about if you don’t get what you want after being so obsessed with that result? Not getting what you want (or perceived failure) will have you even more obsessed, or frustrated, or stressed. And you might say, “Well, of course, that’s just the way it is. We want things. We strive for them. We do what we have to do. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Live with it. Suck it up. That’s life.”
That may be true. Well, it is, true from a certain point of view. If that approach is working for you, then that’s great. If you’re at all like me and it’s not working for you, if your focus on results is not giving you the results you want, if instead it’s creating tension, conflict, and self-judgment, then you might try another strategy, as I have done.
So far we have shared some of the great insights of “The Secret” and shown how the presentation of these insights is misleading. The Power Of Practice answers these shortcomings and offers you a new way. Visit my web site right away and you will discover…
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In addition you will discover how to apply these three insights together to develop SKILLS OF CONSCIOUSNESS that enable you to thrive. You will also learn how we all make a PRIMARY MISTAKE that blocks us from shifting our experience in a positive direction. I’ll show you how to shift your experience of life so you see the world ripe with your exciting new possibilities. Finally, you will be given my formula to insure the success of your own lifestyle change or creative project.

Well that it for now. I hope you enjoyed what I have shared with you! Of course this report is just a taster of the good stuff waiting for you on my web site. Visit us here and get the full story:

Happy practicing ☺
Kevin Schoeninger
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