Are You Willing To Do Anything To Reach Your Dreams?

Are You Willing To Do Anything To Reach Your Dreams?, By Tanisha Nicole Billops

 Everyone has dreams, but are you willing to do anything to reach them?  Its one thing to go after your dreams with conviction, but some are willing to do just about anything to get there.   Some of us are willing to do just about anything for money, or sex.  Especially when you NEED money, or sex lol. How many of us are willing to trade sex for money or even fame?  Lets just keep it real!  Think about it!

 When it comes to resorting to crime or violence to get money most will think twice, but for money or fame many are willing to trade sex.  Including fucking their way to the top.  COME ON! Just be real Damn it!  The biggest freaks act so damn holier than thou when it comes to these topics, but you know if given the opportunity, they would trade sex for money in a heart beat, IF they and their family desperately needed it.

 When I started stripping, I knew no one who worked there.  Except on of my besties, who agreed to strip with me.  We would at a small club in the Bay Area.  As time went on, I got to know the other girls I worked with, and I learned that everyone had a story.  One of the girls who danced at the club supported everyone in her household, including her husband, 2 children and younger sister on her tips.  Other girls were single mothers, and even students, like I was at the time.

 One time on of my “regulars” offered to fly me to Saudi Arabia on a year contract. The offer:  live in a luxury compound with other girls from various parts of the world.  Girls, like me who needed to support themselves, or their family with the $160,000 check they’d received in quarterly payments.  Catch was, you were some ones sex slave who traded girls in and out, while he did what ever he pleased with them.  Just the thought of it made me cringe.  I also imagined the potential cattiness and cat fighting that must have gone on there.   For the minute I imagined myself there, in hot ass Saudi Arabia cooped up in a room with an Anxiety attack…. I wasn’t at all into creating that reality!

 A Prostitute’s Guide to Success; my life, struggles and Successes, is a book about my experiences as a professional model and exotic dancer.  Hear about my experiences in the sex industry. The male professional athletes I met along the way, and how I had to loss it all in order to gain and how I moved forward from my experiences with out shame or guilt.

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