Fast Money Sex and Exotic Dancing

Fast Money Sex and Exotic Dancing, by Tanisha Nicole Billops

On television we see the life style of a stripper usually glamorized. Sex is equivalent to freedom. In the USA you are free to choose your sexuality and preferences, and fast money is the only way to get it.

Sex sells and is used in everyday marketing and advertising. This leads us to believe that sex is always fun, stripping is luxurious and cash is flowing. Is the glamorization of the sex industry a way for the industry to market its professions? Are the false hoods of the industry subliminal ways to allure young naive women into the profession?

Everyone’s story is different, but I decided to become a stripper because I wanted fast cash. I was a single parent, and student. I also modeled on the side, but it didn’t pay much. I had just lost my job at a tech company and needed cash to survive. Stripping was a way to earn quick money in-between my job search.

I lived in the Silicon Valley where the influx of technology had brought unaccustomed luxuries to many residents, along with a craving for fast money and sex. I worked at a small club, in the heart of the Bay Area. The club was frequented by engineers who worked at the many nearby tech companies near by. Some times the club was frequented by professional athletes.

In reality exotic dancing was not hardly as luxurious as many are lead to believe. For months I worked in unsanitary conditions. Having to wipe down the poles with Clorox wipes, or risk a staph infection. I had to change in cramped dressing rooms with ugly florescent lights, and endure long hours in lingerie wearing 9’ heels.

Other than that, I actually enjoyed working at the club. At the time, it was what I needed to survive. I believe that you are meant to experience certain things depending on where you are in life. I’m not ashamed of where I’ve been, what matters more is where I’m heading.

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