Financial Ruin


Financial Ruin, by Tanisha Nicole Billops

I had many unforeseen challenges lurking beneath the glamorous life style that I lived. Appearances were very deceiving. As a real estate agent, I had to look and play the part. I drove a brand new luxury car and had a million dollar house on the hill. Truth was, I was falling behind on my bills, my rental property was in default and I was now facing foreclosure on my million dollar house in the hills.

In the book, “A Prostitute’s Guild to Success,” I talk about my experience living the in the Silicon Valley, where if you make money quickly you may loose it even quicker. At age 27 I found myself in what felt like financial ruin. I thought that I would never bounce back.  Things went from bad to worse and in 2008 when the financial markets in the US collapsed virtually over night. I was living a complete nightmare. It had gotten so bad, that at one point, I was left with nothing, contemplating suicide.

What I did learn from my ordeal was that, there is no such thing as “financial ruin.” Money is fluid just like every thing else in life. As the old saying…”Money Comes, Money goes.” There are those who have gone from poor to rich in just days. If you had wealth at one time you can always get it back. Every-other-day we hear about another celebrity that is having “money troubles” or filing for bankruptcy. Money does not dictate your living standards, how you feel about yourself dictates that.

The Book, “A Prostitutes Guide to Success,” gives an honest account of my experiences with loosing it all and the lessons I learned in the process. The book goes on sale October 25th, 2016, but is avail now for preorder.

Click here to reserve your copy of one of the most anticipated books of 2016. 2017



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