I’m Becky With the Good Hair

Copyright@TanishaBillops 2016

I’m Becky With the Good Hair, by Tanisha Nicole Billops

I was that girl in the magazines. I searched for fame and hoped that one day it would find me. Was fame that thing I was really after, or was my goal just a facade to hid my true pain?

tanishabillops_1I attended exclusive parties for celeberties laced with models looking for fame and hip-hop artists looking to hook up with models. I went to photo shoots and mingled with those who were much more affluent than myself.   I hoped that one-day, I would be in their shoes. Hoping to meet the right person, so that they could introduce me to the right people, so I could prove to them I was worthy.  Opposed to just defining my own self worth.

Although Becky and I may have some similarities, we also have many differences. Becky is the kind of girl who thinks that she could benefit from another’s success instead of finding her own.   I would never be Becky. I’ve always had the desire to find my own success and I’ve never chases after married men.

cover3A fews years after retiring from modeling and “dancing”, I’ve decided to write a novel. A novel about my experiences with modeling, depression, and the highs and lows of life.

A Prostitutes Guide to Success; My Life, Struggles and Successes will be available soon in books stores and online.  In this novel, I share with you eye-opening, gritty truths about the lifestyle and my own experiences in it.

I also offer uplifting advice for readers struggling to achieve their dreams- plus a backstage pass to a world most people only glimpse on TV!

Join tanishabillops.wordpress.com for up-to-date information about the novel, free giveaways.

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