Welcome to L.I.F.F

L.I.F.F= Love, Income, Food, and Fitness

I’m Tanisha Nicole Billops; author, entrepreneur, and schoolteacher who is working to allow her dreams to manifest into this reality. Design-1I’m destined for stardom!!! But juggle my time between family, career, and ambitions.  And Yes, I did say schoolteacher. I’ve worked as a primary school teacher since 2010. As a teacher, I learn every day while using this career as a stepping-stone to get to my true ambitions. I’m passionate about family, writing, teaching, learning, traveling, fitness and growing spiritually. That’s why I call this blog L.I.F.F. It stands for: Love, Income, Food and Fitness!

I recently published my first book titled, “A Prostitutes Guide to Success,” and look forward to bring you my second novel, “Lovely Lolita.”

A Prostitute’s Guide to Success, by Tanisha Nicole Billops

While working to make my dreams of come true, I’m also striving to live a healthier lifestyle, but as we all know sometimes every day life gets in the way of doing as we planned. With that comes frustration and stress, but Instead of over reacting when things do not go our way, I’ve learned to inhale and take a deep breath, hold it and exhale slowly.

My family and I are starting a healthy lifestyle by leaving behind sugar, processed foods and bad fats. I will be sharing my weekly fitness progress, along with sharing tips on finding financial success, healthy easy cooking recipes that work for your whole family, and lastly love and relationship advice. I’m married to a sexy, wonderfully passionate man find out how we keep things hot and heavy while keeping up with the hustle and grind of every day life.

I look forward to sharing my journey to success with you!